Home Additions
Secure permit$185

$285 if sub-panel added
Install receptacles$125 each for 10 or more

$145 each for 9 or less
Install switches$125 each for 10 or more

$145 each for 9 or less
Install three-way switches$165 each
Install four-way switches$185 each
Install recessed lights (LED)$145 each
Install surface lights$135 each
Install outside GFI receptacles$225 each
Install outside coach light with 2 piece siding blocks$205 each
Install outside flood light$235 under 12′

$305 over 12′ labor only
Install ceiling fans$245 each
Install floor receptacles$245 each
Install dimmers$68 each (includes dimmer)

$78 each if 2 gang or bigger (includes dimmer)
Install smoke detectors$95 each to replace existing with 10yr sealed battery

$135 each smoke/carbons

$135 each in new additions

$275 each if adding new
Install sub panel next to existing panel$925 for 60 amp

$1045 for 90 amp
Circuits to panel$145 each
Arc fault circuits$165 each
Bath GFI receptacle$125 each
Bath fan$185 (includes fan)
Install low voltage wiring (speaker, CAT5, phone and cable)Call for pricing