Replace existing bath exhaust fan$345 – labor and material – replacing with 70cfm fan

$375- labor and replacing with owner supplied bigger fan and if re-venting to open air source $105 extra

$65 – extra if existing wire needs to be extended

$495 – Supply & install Whisper 110cfm bath fan

$565 – Supply & install Whisper 110cfm bath fan/light
Install new bath exhaust fan with attic access$895 – with switch and venting to attic fresh air source

(if no attic access $125 and up extra)
Install new ceiling fan$275 to $325

$275/each – controlled by pull chains

$305/each – if controlled by existing wall switch

$325/each – if controlled by new wall switch(s)

$35/each any controls (remote, speed control, etc…)

**Add $100 if no attic access**

**$50 extra if crown molding**

**$125 extra if condo building**
Replace ceiling fan with light or without$185 – under 10′ high

$225 – 10’ – 12′ high

$295 – 12’ – 14′ high

$395 – over 14’ high

Any controls (remotes, speed controls, dimmers) $35 extra
Add new attic fan$935 owner supplied fan

$1135 David Williams Supplied fan
(Includes roof penetration and flashing)
Replace attic fan$235 to replace thermostat

$735 to replace fan motor and thermostat