Basement Remodel Wiring
Secure permit$185

$285 – if sub-panel added
Install receptacles or switches$85 – each for 8 or more

$115 – each for 7 or less
Install three-way switches$145 – each
Install four-way switches$165 – each
Install surface mounted lights$145 – each
Install recessed lights (LED)$145 – each (light included)
Install bath GFI receptacle $155
Install bath exhaust fan (70 cfm)$185 – (includes fan)
Install bath heat vent light on separate 20 amp circuit$535 – (includes heat vent light)
Install ceiling fan$195
Install pull chain$115 – (includes light)
Install under cabinet lights (2 bulb fixture, 40 watt)$235 – each (includes light)
Install sub-panel next to existing panel$925 – for 60 amp

$1045 – for 90 amp
Install new 10yr sealed battery smoke detectors$235 – each
Install doorbell extension$295 – (includes material)
Install baseboard heat with thermostat (6′ heater)$465 – each
Install dimmers$78 – each (includes dimmer)
Install ARC fault circuit breaker to meet code$165 – each
Circuits to panel$125 – each

$165 – each if arc fault circuits
DemolitionUp to $245
Install low voltage wiring (speaker, CAT5, phone and cable)Call or pricing