Electric vehicles sales are booming on the scene in the U.S. in the last few years and we are seeing charging locations popping up all over Frederick, Maryland. The automotive industry projects that over half of all cars sold by 2030 will be electric vehicles. On average, over the last few years, the US sells around 15 million vehicles per year, to put that in perspective. This number will continue to increase every year since most indications point to higher sales, increased interest, and increased trust in electrified vehicles. The number of used EVs will also increase as people trade out their old EVs for newer ones.

For Frederick, Maryland customer looking to have their EV Chargers installed you have come to the right place. David Williams Electric is the preferred EV charger installation electric company. We provide competitive pricing and high-quality workmanship to ensure your EV charger is working property, so you never have to worry about your EV not charging. David Williams Electric has over 30 years of residential electric experience with highly qualified crews to get your job done fast and done right. Contact us today to reach our customer service specialist to get the process started.

So what’s all the hype about?

Electric vehicles have many benefits that consumers are gravitating to. The main reason is that they do not consume fuel. So, there is an immediate impact on an individual’s pocketbook, especially with today’s erratic gas prices. Some of the other great perks of the new EVs are the performance. Some of the fastest vehicles in the world are now EVs. The performance these vehicles are producing sometimes match or even beat out some of the world most expensive hyper cars. It quite an amazing feat. Especially, since the EV has really only been in mass production for the last few years.

Electric vehicles are also just fun to drive. EVs have immediate torque and no transmission. So, you simply press the “Gas” pedal and you’re off! EVs are becoming increasingly easier to charge with new superchargers popping up all over the country. Additionally, you can charge your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. 

What types of chargers are there?

There are three levels of home EV charging stations. Each level will determine how fast the vehicle can be charged:

Level I

These chargers typically plug into a household 120-volt outlet—like you’d plug your phone or laptop into. Given that it takes a few hours to charge your phone when plugged into such an outlet, it should be no surprise that a Level 1 charger will take a long time to charge the battery in your hybrid or electric car—typically adding only 3 to 5 miles per hour of charging. You can do the math on how long it will take to get a full charge on your EV.

Level II

If you’re driving a full-electric vehicle you’re going to want regular access to a Level 2 charger at home. Running on a 220-volt outlet, similar to what you’d plug your clothes dryer into, a Level 2 charger can deliver 12 to 80 miles of charge per hour.

Level III

These types of chargers are normally found in commercial settings. Such as places like gas stations, Costco, Malls etc. Level III are the fastest way to charge your car. However, you do pay more for the charge then you would at your home.

Ready to get your new EV?

David Williams Electric is your preferred Frederick, MD Home EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station installer. We can handle all charging stations that you want to install at your residential home. We will take care of every aspect of getting your station ready to charge your vehicle. Many homeowners have frequently asked questions before they decide on an electric company that will complete the installation.

Q. Why do I need an electrician to install an EV Charger?

EV charging stations typically require a dedicated circuit to run from your home electric panel, directly to the charging station.

Q.  How much does it cost?

This depends on a few factors. The main cost determination is the distance and the difficulty to run wire from your electrical panel to the installation location. The next is the amperage that the EV requires. These can range from 30 – 80amps, typically. The higher the amperage, the faster your vehicle will charge. However, most installations run between $750 – $1250.

Q. Do you provide the charger?

We typically do not provide the chargers since there are many options and recommended chargers for each manufacturer. Additionally, most vehicles are offered a charger along with the purchase of a new vehicle. However, we do recommend a “Juice Box” charger if you need a recommendation.

Q.  Where should I install the charger?

Most customers will choose to install the charger as close as possible to your vehicle location. This can be in the garage, carport, or driveway. 

Q.  Can I install more than one charger?

Yes! We can install as many as you need. (Prices will vary depending on how many you need and the location)

Q. How quickly can you come out?

We can typically come out the same week you call or the following week. 

Q. How long does it take you to install the EV Charger?

Installation varies depending on the distance and difficulty to run wire from your panel to the location. However, most installations take about 2-4 hours.

Q. Can my current panel support an EV Charger

It depends on the current size of your panel, available breaker spaces, and the current load capacity.

If you are ready to get the process started, we are here and ready to serve you. Please contact our to our expert customer service team that will assist you with your Frederick, MD EV charger scheduling, questions and installation date.